Christmas Tree Recycling

Information about the city’s tree recyling program is posted at An excerpt:

Tress are composted and for this reason they must be free of:

  • tree bags
  • tinsel
  • ornaments
  • nails
  • tree skirts
  • stands

It’s a good idea to use a tree bag, if you have one, to reduce tree litter moving the tree around, but the bag should be removed once the tree is outside.

Donate Your Unused Bike to Charity — by August 19

To make more room for storing bicycles, Leaside Mews has made an arrangement to donate unused bikes to Toronto Bicycle Recycling. Donated bikes are refurbished and donated within the city.

Please place a bike that you would like to donate in the marked area in visitors parking opposite the main bike storage area by August 19.

Thinning out the bike population will be appreciated by everyone.


Front Entrance Refresh

On Monday July 22nd and Tuesday July 23rd, the walkways in the front of the building are scheduled to be washed and repainted.

Please observe posted signs and use the entrance and exit doors as directed.

Compost Pickup Change

Organic waste is now being picked up on Monday of each week.

Please put organics in the freezer before Sunday evening. Plastic bags should be tied without using twist ties and the city does not want biodegradable plastic bags to be used.


Masonry Repairs

You will notice scaffolding starting on Friday, November 30 (or on Monday) to facilitate repairs to brickwork and flashing.

The work should take about a week, depending on the weather.

New Plastics Added to the Blue Bin

As of September 12, 2012, you can now recycle items such as:

  • Cold beverage cups/lids
  • Clamshell containers (hinged, clear plastic containers used for food items such as berries and take-out)
  • Clear fruit and vegetable containers
  • Clear take-out food containers
  • Moulded bakery item trays
  • Plastic plates and glasses
  • Egg cartons
  • Compact disk cases (empty)